Discover what your data is hiding

Peekaboo.AI uses advanced knowledge extraction technology to quickly identify all the interrelations in the data model processed.

  • Hypothesis generation
  • Get maximum findings
  • Speed-up your analysis
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Join forces

By leveraging your resources to collaborate and enrich your projects.

  • No restrictions on the number of users
  • No restrictions on the number of projects
  • Collaborative work on the same project
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Make your data work for you

by dynamically controlling what to include and how to process your data.

  • Powerful data modeling intuitive to non-technical people
  • Dynamic models that can evolve over time
  • Historical memory that allows you to restore previous versions of your models
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Power-up your analysis

by taking advantage of the latest findings in the field of knowledge extraction technologies.

  • Algorithm analyzing all your data in a fraction of the time it would using traditional statistical methods
  • Definition and maximization of hypothesis through the analysis of all relevant coexistences present in your dataset
  • Preservation and incorporation of the dataset relational structure as information
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Trust your findings

by accessing conclusions that are reliable, complete, and error-free.

  • Explainable results
  • Interpretable method
  • Compréhensive conclusions sortable by degree of condifence and support
Why Peekaboo.AI

The wealth of knowledge

Conduct more analysis in less time

  • Volume of analysis completed
  • Hypothesis to define

Extract value from your existing data

  • New interesting discoveries
  • Unused data

Use time more efficiently

  • Time dedicated to analyze conclusions
  • Time dedicated to the validation of hypothesis

Enrich your publications

  • Number of publications and richness of their content
  • Obstacle to get conclusions approved

Autonomy and independance to the IT Services

  • Performance in data processing
  • Less reliance on IT services

Reduce the cost of your analysis

  • Highlight on significant links
  • Analysis Costs

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