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22 Dec, 2014
The first thing most of us do when we need something is to search the internet … regardless whether we end up buying on-line or not.  If your business does not have a website, you are simply invisible! The benefits of having an internet presence far outweigh the cost to have a website developed for your business.  When I refer to internet presence, I mean more than a facebook page or an on-line version of your corporate brochure.  You think of yourself as a professional in your field, show it with a structured, well-thought of website professionally designed to represent your business, display what you have to offer and why you are the best in what you do. You think that you can’t afford it ?  Go on the web and do a bit of research around what you are offering and then you will be quickly convinced that you can no longer afford not to be there. What you should think about instead is:
  • How much more visibility you will have not only locally, but also globally
  • How much more credibility you will gain from a professional looking presence on the web
  • How much more additional revenue you will derive from being visible to a huge pool of customers interested in what you offer
  • How much more you will learn from your customers, such as where they are located to better target them.
In my experience, all the website we have created so far were paid for over and over again by the increased business our clients derived from it.  Food for thought isn’t it? To make the most of your website, you may want to take into consideration the following points:
  1. Start with something simple and expand from there. This way you will test the concept and hopefully see the potential this new marketing tool offers you.
  2. Pre-packaged websites may end-up being more troublesome. They are great for a quick start, but limit expansion when you will need something specific to your business.
  3. Make your contact information readily available. The last thing you want is for your potential customers not to be able to find how to contact you.
Softwords has created numerous websites for a variety of needs.  Our certified developers can work with you to deliver a strong foundation at a reasonable price, regardless the type of business you are in or the level of exposure you are seeking.  Author:  Louis Danjou, Principal Partner – Technologies