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Discover CCH Tagetik's corporate performance management
software solutions for budgeting, planning, consolidation and reporting.

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  • Single solution
  • Powerful financial intelligence
  • Proven scalability
  • Deep insights
  • Rapid deployment at a low cost
  • Proven safety and security

Traditional approaches to financial corporate performance management require multiple products, IT involvement and complex integration. CCH Tagetik liberates you from the limitations of past performance platforms by delivering the next generation financial reporting platform designed with finance in mind. It is a single, unified financial analysis platform which puts finance back where it should be – in control, informed, and influential.

CCH Tagetik is one of the top Corporate Performance Management application (Gref. ertner report) and is suitable for any business, finance team and finance professional.

Our expertise

SorftWords Consulting’s experience and expertise with the application can help you transition your reporting and compliance needs to take full advantage of the benefits CCH Tagetik can provide for your organization.

Our professionals directed and/or supported implementations for:

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