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Softwords is an independent, profitable organization that contributes to the advancement of research in the fields of data mining and knowledge extraction. We invest ourselves in our company and reinvest in our growth. We do not operate under external influence, we generate our revenues from what our Clients pay us, giving us great latitude to expand our research into unexplored fields that will become tomorrow’s reality.

We work together in the same space or remotely, with colleagues from around the world.

Our Collaborators are recognized pioneers in their field of expertise; we listen to them and value their contribution.

The majority of our development work is done using industry recognized standards and methodology. We use the Agile methodology to track our progress, everyone is involved in shaping what’s next, so your contribution will be valued and respected.

Our colleagues are curious, willing to learn, have strong skillset in their respective fields and not afraid to speak up their mind when they see opportunities to work better as a team. We hire for attitude and best fit on the team to add value to the great synergy we have on-going.

We will be pleased to meet you to hear your story and explore your interests.