Discover what your data is hiding

Peekaboo.AI uses advanced knowledge extraction technology to quickly identify all the interrelations in the data model processed.

  • Hypothesis generation
  • Get maximum findings
  • Speed-up your analysis

Knowledge discovery in four steps

Join forces

by leveraging your resources to collaborate and enrich your projects.

  • No restrictions on the number of collaborators
  • User permissions defined by project
  • No restrictions on the number of projects

Make your data work for you

by having the flexibility to control what is relevant to include in your analysis and how your data will be processed.

  • Easy and efficient data modeling
  • Dynamic models that can evolve over time
  • Timeline that allows you to restore previous versions of your models

Power-up your analysis

by taking advantage of the latest findings in the field of knowledge extraction technologies.

  • Algorithm analyzing all your data in a fraction of the time it would using traditional statistical methods
  • Comprehensive multi-level analysis
  • Customized processing

Trust your findings

by accessing results that are reliable, complete, and error-free.

  • Explainable results
  • Interpretable method
  • Comprehensive conclusions sortable by degree of confidence and support

The wealth of knowledge

an innovative approach that will move your research to the forefront

Conduct more analysis in less time

  • Emphasis on meaningful associations
  • Invalid hypothesis

Extract value from your existing data

  • New interesting discoveries
  • Unused data

Reduce the cost of your analysis

  • Complex analysis performed
  • Cost per analysis

More effective use of your researcher’s skills

  • Time dedicated to analyze results
  • Time dedicated to the validation of hypothesis

Less reliance on the information technology services

  • Autonomy for processing data
  • Complex skills to master

Enrich your publication

  • Richness of content
  • Obstacles to get conclusions approved

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