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Image Description Presentation at the Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining in Health Research (IA/MDRS)

Learn how allows you to accelerate and enrich your analysis by providing, at once, every dependencies between your data.

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Mining Heterogeneous Associations from Pediatric Cancer Data by Relational Concept Analysis.

In this publication, the multi-relational conclusions identified by were validated against the results obtained on a pediatric oncology dataset.

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FCA Went (Multi-)Relational, But Does It Make Any Difference?

To what extent RCA is a true extension of FCA, i.e. reveals concepts that are beyond the reach of core FCA even using a suitable encoding of the original data.

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Black Box is not a one-size-fits-all artificial intelligence solution

The hidden nature of "Black Box" models makes it inherently difficult to identify and investigate cases where the algorithm may contribute to biased or erroneous results.

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Data cost money, how to increase the value you get out of it

Your data is only as good as the use you make of it ... and it comes at a cost.

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Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

The process of knowledge discovery is broader than data mining, which is only one step (though probably the most important one).

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An illustrated glossary of AI terminologies

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, data mining... This blog aims to help non-specialists to navigate with more confidence in the terminology used in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

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The complexity of simplification

Simplifying should be simple, right? Maybe not.